Many students have been in Bali or have plans to go there. You can think of Bali is one of the many places in the world with beaches, surfing, diving, tourist trips and beautiful nature. Only one of the many. It is true some people stay at Bali for sometime but don’t realy visit. But for a student it should be different. Bali has a rich history, its own culture and religion and in the present times there is dispute going on about Bali’s identity and its future. Also Balinese people have their own pride and worries. To know more about Bali will help you to understand it and enjoy this Indonesian island with its nice people.

You are invited to attend meetings of a course about Bali, with several topics. You can find them below. If you are interested let us know. If you would like to join a short course of the Indonesian language, you can let us know.

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