Unique opportunity to attain a better understanding of Islam

What can you expect?

A talk group organised by Rein Veenboer and Souhaim Najah. Information will be provided straight from authentic sources and not (only) from the media. In depth knowledge which will enable you to know more than the general person about Islam. Outsiders will be invited to give you an indication about the life of a Muslim. For example; Dutch converts to Islam, but also Muslim women to explain you their experience in life. Discussions will take place with the purpose to resolve and increase knowledge about certain misconceptions and much more!


Nearly a quarter of the world population is Muslim. You might go to a region where there are a lot of Muslims: perhaps on a Grand Tour to Qatar, do an internship in Dubai or perhaps visit Indonesia. This talk group is the chance to help you clarify misconceptions, increase your knowledge and create a better understanding of the Islamic faith.

For Who?

This will be very beneficial for all non-Muslim students and lecturers, since Universities have a international environment. Others are welcome as well. Especially those who have the intention to travel abroad and explore the world should not hesitate to register. There is also a chance to earn an Elective Credit.

Previous participant Emilija Laivina;

"This course gave me excellent knowledge on Islam and Islamic culture and inspired me to be more open minded towards the Muslim world. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in learning more about this fascinating religion that has become a lifestyle to so many people worldwide."

‘Taking the path of Knowledge’

A talk group organized in Stenden, starting in week 4.3, at the silence centre.

(weekly day and time will be decided together with the group).

Come, ask your questions and increase your knowledge.

Information or registration? Send an email to: